Independent Psychological, Neuropsychoeducational and Educationally Relevant Mental Health (ERHMS) assessments for both families & schools
Consultation with families, schools, medical professionals, private service providers, etc.
Goal-oriented counseling for your child, adolescent or young adult. Parent coaching additionally available.
Assesment Services
Private evaluation services are offered to families to discover their child's unique learning profile, including learning strengths and weaknesses. This may also include ​​identification of learning differences and presence of neurological, behavioral or mood disorders.

I offer school districts Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE's), overflow assessment support, and Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) evaluations.

Consultation Services
Consultation services are available to families, schools, private providers, physicians, etc. concerning IEP development, program development, mental health support, transition planning, etc.
Counseling services are offered to families for their child, adolescent or young adults in college. I utilize a cognitive behavioral therapy appproach and specialize in youth with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and selective mutism. These children may als have co-occuring learning differences, AD/HD or executive funcitoning deficits, and/or autism spectrum conditions.